27 December 2017

True cost? or true facts?

Living and Dying Well responds to a recent document published by campaigners for physician-assisted suicide. In November 2017 the campaigning…
8 June 2016

A thoughtful report which deserves careful consideration.

The BMA’s End-of Life Care and Physician-Assisted Dying report contains much valuable material and warrants careful study. The BMA has…
18 January 2016

The changing face of dying.

“We should challenge the conspiracy of silence that leaves many of us to live misinformed and unnecessarily fearful”, says senior…
4 September 2015

Assisted Dying No.2 Bill.

Should Parliament License Assistance with Suicide? A supplementary report. In our last report, we examined proposals by Lord Falconer and…
21 July 2015

Should Parliament license assistance with suicide?

An analysis of proposals currently before Parliament. There are currently two Private Member bills in Parliament seeking to legalise assisted…
15 July 2014

The Assisted Dying Bill (HL Bill 6): A critique.

An analysis by members of the House of Lords of the Assisted Dying Bill. Lord Falconer re-tabled his Assisted Dying…
4 November 2013

‘Assisted Dying’ and the law.

An analysis of the Suicide Act 1961 and of how it works in practice. In a report published today, three…
16 July 2013

Mental capacity and assisted suicide.

To what extent can mental capacity be reliably assessed in patients seeking physician-assisted suicide? In a report published today, psychiatrist…
20 June 2013

Another ‘Assisted Dying’ Bill: Does it pass the public safety test?

An Analysis of the Assisted Dying Bill. Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill had its First Reading in the House of Lords…
28 February 2012

Considering the evidence.

An analysis of the report of the Commission on Assisted Dying and of its published evidence. The self-styled Commission on…
12 September 2011

Parliament needs evidence, not soundbites or spin.

Claims that legalising ‘assisted dying’ would be safe do not stand up to careful scrutiny. In this critique Professor Baroness…
24 April 2011

A Question of Public Safety.

A fundamental reappraisal is needed of the concept of safeguards for ‘assisted dying’. In this paper published today, co-Chairs of…
31 January 2011

Paliative care: What is it? and what has it got to do with ‘Assisted Dying’?

An analysis of the place of palliative care in Britain and its relation to ‘assisted dying’. Dr Charles Skinner, a…
28 September 2010

What’s happening in Oregon?

An analysis of the evolution of the Death with Dignity Act in the US state of Oregon. In this report,…
1 September 2010

‘Assisted Dying’: The law.

What is the law on ‘assisted dying’? And how has it evolved to its present position? In this paper barrister…
30 June 2010

Autonomy and assisted suicide.

Baroness Onoroa O’Neill addresses the issue of autonomy and how it relates to calls for the legalisation of assisted suicide.…
9 July 2009

Coroners and Justice Bill – Encouraging or Assisting Suicide.

Debate on Lord Falconer’s proposed amendment to the Coroners and Justice Bill – 7 July 2009. The Coroners and Justice…


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