Should assisted suicide be part of medicine? Is it appropriate for doctors to prescribe their patients lethal drugs? What might be the impact on the doctor-patient relationship? Does a right to die already exist in the UK?

We explore all these vital questions and look at the evidence relating to medicine, assisted suicide and euthanasia

26 March 2024

Isle of Man doctors reject assisted dying proposals in a survey

A survey carried out by the Isle of Man Medical Society has “overwhelmingly rejected” proposed assisted dying laws. Some 74%…
22 November 2022

The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care have this comment below against AD

IAHPC research & our fundamental values Research is one of the four pillars of our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, along with…
20 October 2021

Association of Palliative Medicine urge Peers to reject Assisted Dying Bill

In a letter to Peers on behalf of the Association of Palliative Medicine, Dr Amy Proffitt (President), Dr Rosie Bronnert…
17 September 2021

Can doctors really be neutral on assisted dying?

The BMA’s decision to adopt a position of neutrality on the vexed question of ‘assisted dying’ was taken following a…
14 September 2021

BMA moves to neutrality on assisted dying by narrow margin

Today the British Medical Association voted to abandon its traditional opposition to assisted dying – a euphemism for assisted suicide…
9 September 2021

Briefing for Doctors: Assisted Dying and Medical Practice

Assisted Dying legislation has enormous impacts for medical practice. A great responsibility rests on the shoulders of those attending the…
10 December 2020

Assisting Suicide – Is this really a role for Doctors?

Next summer at its annual conference the British Medical Association will consider whether it should maintain its opposition to what…
16 April 2020

Caring for your dying relative at home with Covid-19.

A practical guide for caring for your dying loved ones. Ilora Finlay, supporter and board member at Living and Dying…
30 March 2020

Royal College of Physicians clarifies it does not support ‘assisted dying’.

The RCP has made clear in a statement that it does not support a change in the law The Royal…


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