Speaking Requests

Are you planning a debate, seminar or discussion on 'assisted dying' or other end-of-life issues?


Our Patrons and Members include experts in the law, medicine, mental health, ethics and other disciplines related to the end-of-life debate. They do not hold identical views on all aspects of the debate, but they share a common view that public safety is of paramount importance in this area and that licensing doctors by law to supply lethal drugs to terminally ill patients to help them commit suicide would put vulnerable people at risk of harm.

If you are organising a debate, discussion, seminar or conference on 'assisted dying' or other aspects of the end-of-life debate and require an expert in this field as a speaker, we would be happy to help.

You can contact us at: enquiries@livinganddyingwell.org.uk

In placing a request, please specify the following information:

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    Format and structure

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    Other participants, speakers and audience (if known)

The more notice you can give, the greater the likelihood that we will be able to provide or recommend a suitable speaker for your event.


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