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13th November 2021

Assisted-Suicide Mendacity: Today’s ‘Strict Protections’ Become Tomorrow’s Unjust ‘Barriers’

National Review

27th October 2021

Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Autonomy Myth

The Psychiatric Times

26th October 2021

Is the Assisted Dying Bill still the wrong answer to the wrong question?

The Article

26th October 2021

Safety is a key principle in assisted dying

The Bailiwick Express, Jersey

26th October 2021

Assisted dying bill may lead to coercion, doctors warn

The Times

26th October 2021

Clinical Academics write in The Times

Letters, The Times

22nd October 2021

Disabled people need more help to live, not to die

Baroness Campbell, The Guardian

22nd October 2021

There are no safeguards when it comes to euthanasia

Melanie McDonagh, The Spectator

22nd October 2021

Opinion polls and the assisted dying debate

Letters, The Times

21st October 2021

The Assisted Dying Bill is based on shaky evidence

Dr Carol Davis, Unherd

21st October 2021

Gordon Brown criticises move to legalise assisted dying

The Times

21st October 2021

Legalising assisted dying would be a slippery slope

Gordon Brown, The Times

21st October 2021

Assisted dying: a warning from Canada


19th October 2021

‘We would not take patients’ lives’ - hundreds of doctors take stand against assisted suicide law

The Telegraph

3rd October 2021

Assisted dying will always be open to bullying and exploitation

Lord Hunt, The Telegraph

30th September 2021

Palliative Care Doctors Against Assisted Dying

Letters, The Telegraph

12th September 2021

Former Archbishop of Canterbury opposes 'Assisted Dying' Bill

The British Medical Journal

9th September 2021

Rapid Response letters published on 'Assisted dying: a question of when, not if'

The British Medical Journal

4th March 2021

Oregon Death with Dignity Act 2020 Report Released

Oregon Health Authority