Why are so many doctors and politicians concerned about the legalisation of 'assisted dying?' Partly, it is because they follow developments from places such as Oregon, Canada and Belgium where assisted suicide and/or euthanasia has already been legalised.

In this section you will find a wide range of reports on how well the law is working in jurisdictions which have gone down the 'assisted dying' route.

Man wearing blue scrub suit and mask sitting on a bench

A grave warning from Canada.

Three leading palliative care physicians have warned legislators across the world  ....
Beige and Green Castle

A closer look at Bill C-7.

Here we offer out own critique of Canada’s proposed amendments to MAID. BACKGROUND Truchon ....
Oregon lake view

The number of people who died under the Death With Dignity Act has risen yet again.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has released its annual report on how the Death with Dignity( ....

Canada’s Federal Government makes plans to extend MAID.

Parliament will consider whether to extend MAID to those who are not terminally-ill and for those ....

Washington State: Legalised Physician Assisted Suicide in 2018.

What does the latest report from Washington State tell us? Washington State has published its ....

Briefing from Oregon: House Bill 2232.

House Bill 2232 would expand the remit of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act What does the Bill ....

Physician assisted suicides in Oregon rise sharply.

A PAS law along the lines of Oregon’s ‘Death with Dignity Act’ could be expected ....

Twenty years of physician-assisted suicide in Oregon.

A critical analysis of claims that Oregon’s PAS law is “safe and effective” and ....

Analysis of New Zealand End of Life Choice Bill.

Living and Dying Well submits evidence to the Justice Committee of the NZ Parliament for its ....

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