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1st May 20204

I can truly see the case for assisted dying. But the horrific state of the NHS makes me question if its the best idea.

 The Guardian

28th April 20204

Don't assume we will get assisted dying right

 The Times

9th April 20204

Expand Belgian euthanasia laws to prevent social care crisis, says insurance boss

 The Times

8th April 20204

When the right to die becomes the duty to die, who will step in to save those most at risk?

 The Gaurdian

2nd April 20204

'I'm 28. And I'm scheduled to die in May.'

 The Free Press

24th March 20204

Only Irish exceptionalism can explain the rush to legislate for assisted dying.

 The Irish Times

16th March 20204

Why we don't need another vote on euthanasia

 The Spectator

3rd March 20204

Thousands of doctors voice opposition to law that would legalise assisted dying

 The Sunday Post

20th February 2024

Woman found father dead after he took assisted dying drugs meant for someone else, Queensland inquest hears

 The Guardian

1st February 2024

Canada again delays assisted dying for the mentally ill

 BBC News

24th January 2024

'Backing assisted suicide isn't left-wing. Blair and Corbyn alike opposed it' 

Labour List

1st January 2024

Why assisted dying should remain illegal

The Guardian

24th December 2023

For many, the case for assisted dying is clear. But life - and death - is often not so simple.

The Guardian

13th November 2023

American Medical Association retains policy against Assisted Suicide

National Review

4th October 2023

Denmark's Ethics Council advises against legalising euthanasia

The Local, DK

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