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This section of our website highlights the personal perspectives of different individuals on the impact of assisted suicide, from all sides of the debate.

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2023 in Oregon: 137 hours to die

The US state of Oregon has published its annual data for assisted suicides in 2023. The data shows a....

Response to the Health and Social Care Committee Report

Please find below Living and Dying Well’s press release responding to the Health and Social....

MAiD and Mental Health – the “Reckless” Road Ahead

The Canadian Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) has published a scathing....

Unassisted Suicides Increase in Victoria, Australia, After Assisted Dying is Legalised

New research published in the Journal of Ethics in Mental Health (accessible here) has found that....

Denmark’s Ethics Council Advises Against the Legalisation of Assisted Dying

The Danish Ethics Council have published a new report following a comprehensive investigation into....

Assisted Dying in Canada During 2022: A Worrying Trend

Please find the full report available as a PDF here. Canada’s long awaited Medical Assistant....

Oregon Death with Dignity Act Access: 25 Year Analysis

Please find the full British Medical Journal article available to view and download as a PDF here....

Submission to the Jersey Consultation on Assisted Dying

Please find below LDW’s submission to the public consultation on assisted dying in Jersey....


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