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This section of our website highlights the personal perspectives of different individuals on the impact of assisted suicide, from all sides of the debate.

Living and Dying Well Personal Views

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Worcestershire man with MND does not support a change in the law.

John King is ready to die and has opted to have his treatment withdrawn Ludlow and Tenbury Wells ....

No decision about me without me.

If ‘assisted dying’ is a matter for society and not for the medical profession, it is ....

Paralysed man joins right-to-die battle.

A man almost entirely paralysed in a road accident 23 years ago has won a legal fight to join.. ....

The Liverpool Care Pathway to dignity in death.

“My grandfather’s lingering demise shows why we need protocols for palliative care ....

Don’t push me onto the death path, doc.

Patient resistance is growing to an NHS ‘care pathway’ for the terminally ill that ....

Should we change the law to license assisted dying for the terminally ill?

Professor Raymond Tallis and Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss argue the case for and against. In ....

Mum wanted to die, but convincing her to live gave us a gift beyond measure.

In an article in The Daily Mail Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (left, as a child) writes about ....


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