Should assisted suicide be part of medicine? Is it appropriate for doctors to prescribe their patients lethal drugs? What might be the impact on the doctor-patient relationship? Does a right to die already exist in the UK?

We explore all these vital questions and look at the evidence relating to medicine, assisted suicide and euthanasia?


Mental capacity and assisted suicide.

To what extent can mental capacity be reliably assessed in patients seeking physician-assisted ....

More care, less pathway.

A Review of the Liverpool Care Pathway Early in 2013 Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State for Care ....

Of sound mind for suicide?

Mental capacity assessment is challenging enough at the best of times: to ask doctors to do it ....

Assisting a patient’s suicide is not part of a doctor’s role.

“Laws have to be designed to work safely in the real world,” writes Baroness Finlay in ....

This is not what the debate is about.

Joan Bakewell is confusing end-of-life with ending-life decisions Every patient has the right to ....

The Liverpool Care Pathway – what are we to make of the controversy?

Press stories can be helpful in raising awareness that something may be wrong. But, unless they ....

Nursing is a privilege, not just a tick in a box.

“We need to embed a culture of compassionate, hands-on care in nursing if we are to prevent ....

Only 20 per cent of doctors would perform euthanasia if legal, poll finds.

“Only one in five doctors surveyed by the Canadian Medical Association said they would be ....

GMC: Guidance relating to encouraging or assisting suicide.

The General Medical Council, which regulates medical practice in the UK, has published guidance ....

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