Should assisted suicide be part of medicine? Is it appropriate for doctors to prescribe their patients lethal drugs? What might be the impact on the doctor-patient relationship? Does a right to die already exist in the UK?

We explore all these vital questions and look at the evidence relating to medicine, assisted suicide and euthanasia?


Deaths from PAS in Washington State 2015.

Another Sharp Rise in deaths from legalised physician-assisted suicide. Washington State, which ....

What if…. ‘Assisted Dying’ were to be legalised?

If we are wise, we will learn from the experience of others rather than from our own mistakes In& ....

Assisting suicide is not a role for doctors.

On 21 June the British Medical Association, at its Annual Representative Meeting, rejected a ....

BMA reaffirms its opposition to physician-assisted suicide.

The BMA has rejected a Motion that it should adopt a policy of neutrality on whether &lsquo ....

A thoughtful report which deserves careful consideration.

The BMA’s End-of Life Care and Physician-Assisted Dying report contains much valuable ....

The BMA should resist attempts to neutralise it in the ‘Assisted Dying’ debate.

Attempts to push the BMA into a position of neutrality on legalisation of assisted suicide are in ....

First, do no harm.

Doctors should stand up the the assisted suicide lobby, says The Daily Telegraph. In an  ....

We need to get to the real problem with dying. Quick fixes are a distraction.

Dying has become too medicalised. Doctors are not there to solve our existential problems. Earlier ....

The ‘good death’ – not something for doctors to prescribe.

Assisted suicide is a symptom of a deeper malaise and a distraction In a thoughtful and thought ....

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