Scottish Parliament rejects assisted suicide bill.

MSPs reject Patrick Harvie’s Assisted Suicide Bill by 82 votes to 36

On 27 May 2015 The Scottish Parliament held its Stage 1 debate on the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill.  The Bill had been presented by the late Margo Macdonald MSP but was taken over after her death by Patrick Harvie MSP.  Stage 1 is the point where MSPs debate the principles of the bill.  They did so on 27 May in the light of a report by the Health and Sport Committee, which had examined the bill but did not believe that the case for changing the law had been made and considered that the bill itself contained significant flaws.  82 MSPs voted to reject the bill, 36 to allow it to proceed.  There were no abstentions.  The record of the debate may be accessed under our Publications section.