Right-to-die Bill a ‘blank cheque’ for assisted suicide, say senior judges.

Lord Falconer’s proposal would threaten public safety, Peers warn

The Daily Telegraph reports today that “an attempt by Lord Falconer, the former Lord Chancellor, to relax the ban on assisted suicide would amount to asking Parliament to write a “blank cheque” for euthanasia, according to three of Britain’s most senior legal authorities”.

This is following the joint report (‘Assisted Dying’ and the Law: an analysis of the Suicide Act 1961 and of how it works in practice) by The Rt Hon Baroness Butler-Sloss GBE, Lord Brennan QC and Lord Carlile QC, published yesterday by think-tank Living and Dying Well.

The article states that, according to the report by the three Peers, Lord Falconer’s ‘assisted dying’ bill would “threaten public safety” and “lacks real safeguards”, and that “licensing doctors to supply lethal drugs to some of their patients to facilitate their suicides would represent a major channge to the criminal law”.


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