House of Commons debate on prosecuting policy in cases of assisted suicide.

Mr Ottaway’s Motion Carried as Modified by Mrs Bruce’s Amendment.

On 27 March 2012 Richard Ottaway MP (Conservative Croydon South) introduced a debate in the House of Commons commending the prosecution policy relating to cases of encouraging or assisting suicide which had been published by the Director of Public Prosecutions two years previously.  Mr Ottaway’s Motion was carried as amended by Fiona Bruce MP (Conservative Congleton).  The Motion endorsed by the House at the conclusion of the debate was that “this House welcomes the Director of Public Prosecutions’s Policy to Prosecutors in Respect of Cases of Encouraging or Assisting Suicide, published in February 2010, and encourages further development of specialist palliative care and hospice provision”.  The Hansard record of the debate can be accessed here. 


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