At Living and Dying Well we pride ourselves on taking an evidence-based approach to an emotive debate which is too often dominated by sensationalism and spin. As a result, we produce regular reports concerning different aspects of the end of life debate which we share with peers, MPs, doctors and many more.

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Oireachtas’s Committee on Justice – DWD Bill

In January 2021 Living and Dying Well submitted to the Oireachtas’s Committee on Justice its ....

Facing Facts: Why Assisted Suicide is Not a Job for Doctors.

A critical examination of how people really die in the UK . In September this year, the campaign ....

Lord Sumption on assisted suicide: What did he really say?

A critical analysis of claims that Lord Sumption implied that our law is ‘broken’. In ....

Twenty years of physician-assisted suicide in Oregon.

A critical analysis of claims that Oregon’s PAS law is “safe and effective” and ....

Analysis of New Zealand End of Life Choice Bill.

Living and Dying Well submits evidence to the Justice Committee of the NZ Parliament for its ....

Year 20 report on Oregon’s ‘Death with Dignity Act’.

The latest report from the Oregon Health Authority on the outturn of Oregon’s physician ....

True cost? or true facts?

Living and Dying Well responds to a recent document published by campaigners for physician ....

New Zealand Medical Association reports on assisted suicide and euthanasia.

‘Doctors should remain cautious about any change in the law’. The New Zealand Medical ....

High Court Judgment in the case of Mr Noel Conway.

English law on assisting suicide is compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights. On 5 ....

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