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Bills & Legislations

Scotland rejects assisted suicide for a second time.

MSPs reject Patrick Harvey’s Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill. On 27 May 2015 MSPs voted to ....

Assembly of Wales debates and rejects Lord Falconer’s Bill.

Assembly Debate Reveals Serious Concerns Over Lord Falconer’s Bill On 10 December 2014 the ....

Assisted Dying Bill ‘unsatisfactory’, says legal think-tank.

A thoughtful article by legal think-tank Halsbury’s Law Exchange analyses Lord Falconer; ....

An assisted dying law would change the moral landscape.

In a balanced and thoughtful editorial published on the eve of the Second Reading of Lord Falconer ....


Westminster Hall Debate

MPs held a short debate on the law on assisted suicide on January 23rd which revealed a broad range of opinion amongst members. You can read the full debate here

House of Lords debate on ‘Assisted Dying’.

The Earl of Glasgow asks whether the Government intends “to legislate to provide terminally ....

An important issue in the ‘assisted dying’ debate.

The Times has raised an important issue in the ‘assisted dying’ debate An editorial in ....

This is not what the debate is about.

Joan Bakewell is confusing end-of-life with ending-life decisions Every patient has the right to ....

House of Commons debate on the Liverpool Care Pathway: Westminster Hall.

In the wake of sensationalist headlines and multiple allegations, Glyn Davies MP tables a debate ....


A Question of Public Safety.

A fundamental reappraisal is needed of the concept of safeguards for ‘assisted dying’. ....

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