Why are so many doctors and politicians concerned about the legalisation of 'assisted dying?' Partly, it is because they follow developments from places such as Oregon, Canada and Belgium where assisted suicide and/or euthanasia has already been legalised.

In this section you will find a wide range of reports on how well the law is working in jurisdictions which have gone down the 'assisted dying' route.

New Zealand Medical Association opposed to ‘Assisted Dying’.

“Acting with the primary intention to bring about death cannot be reconciled with the core ....

Year 20 report on Oregon’s ‘Death with Dignity Act’.

The latest report from the Oregon Health Authority on the outturn of Oregon’s physician ....

Just how Terminal is Terminal?

Recent admissions by the Oregon Health Authority suggest that that State’s physician ....

New Zealand Medical Association reports on assisted suicide and euthanasia.

‘Doctors should remain cautious about any change in the law’. The New Zealand Medical ....

Canada – A year of ‘Medical Aid in Dying’.

Canada’s death toll from euthanasia seems to be following the Dutch pattern Official data ....

Asia-Pacific Hospice Group condemns ‘Assisted Dying’.

Licensing doctors to administer or supply lethal drugs to seriously-ill patients has no place in ....

New Zealand parliament health committee responds to ‘Assisted Dying’ petition.

A balanced report enabling readers to make up their own minds The Health Committee of the New ....

New Zealand Health Committee reports on ‘Assisted Dying’.

Response of the Health Committee to Petition 2014/18 of Hon. Maryan Street and Others. On 2 August ....

Washington State – legalised physician-assisted suicide in 2016.

Deaths from PAS show a 15.7 per cent increase on 2015 Washington State has published its ....

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