Assisted Dying is "the final triumph of market capitalism", writes Giles Fraser


"What it says to many people who are dying is that it is now within their power to relieve the emotional distress of those who surround them"

In an article in The Guardian Giles Fraser describes 'assisted dying' as "the final triumph of market capitalism".  Warning of the dangers of introducing a choice of assisted suicide for people who are dying and are often vulnerable, he predicts that "we will look back with horror at how the word 'choice' became a sort of cuckoo in the next, driving out all other values".  He continues:

"The moral language of the supermarket has become the only moral currency that is accepted.  Which is why, for me, assisted dying is the final triumph of market capitalism: we have become consumers in everything, even when it comes to life and death.  And, as history demonstrates, the losers in this equation are going to be the most vulnerable"






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