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'If it ain't broken, don't fix it,' goes the well-known adage. Is our current law on assisted suicide working effectively? How well are assisted suicide and euthanasia laws working other countries? Are the safeguards enshrined in law, enough to protect the vulnerable?

Below are numerous reports examining in detail the data from at home and abroad concerning the law on assisted suicide and euthanasia.

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True cost? or true facts?

Living and Dying Well responds to a recent document published by campaigners for physician ....

High Court Judgment in the case of Mr Noel Conway.

English law on assisting suicide is compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights. On 5 ....

Appeal Against Assisted Suicide Law Rejected

After Parliament’s rejection of legalisation, it would be ‘institutionally ....

Court rejects challenge to legal prohibition of assisted suicide.

The High Court has rejected an appeal for legalisation of assisted suicide The High Court has ....

South African High Court Order on assisted suicide overruled.

South Africa’s Supreme Court has upheld a Government Appeal against a 2015 High Court Order ....

Physician-assisted suicide in Oregon in 2015.

The latest report from Oregon on that State’s physician-assisted suicide law reveals another ....

No legal basis for normalising suicide.

Laws are more than just regulatory instruments: they send social messages In an article  ....

The Assisted Dying No. 2 Bill

It is neither right nor safe to change the law on assisting suicide Rob Marris’s Private ....

Assisted Dying No.2 Bill.

Should Parliament License Assistance with Suicide? A supplementary report. In our last report, we ....

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